Course Description

Te Aupouri Forest is a 29,000-hectare pine forest that was initially planted to protect against the drifting coastal sands. This pine forest is remarkably sparse of any other plant life and is unusually evenly spaced. This creates a magical atmosphere and provides a nice soft bed of pine needles to run on.


  • Sandy loam soil and beds of pine thistles throughout the course

  • There are a few boggy/muddy areas; we recommend navigating these areas with caution as the surface level can be quite unpredictable. 

  • A Sandy gravel road that stretches along a section of the 90-mile beach



Within the first 2km of the course, a couple of climbs make up the total ascent of the 4km course, and the majority of ascent for other distances. Following are a  few smaller gradual climbs that make up the remaining ascent of the 11.5km and 21.1km courses.



Within the 21km course, upon navigating the sandy road alongside the Aupouri Forests edge, you will get to see the Te Paki dunes in the distance, as well as Ninety Mile Beach, also known as Te Oneroa-a-Tōhē, having one of the best left-hand surf breaks in the world.


Some of the forestry wetlands are dotted with a small Kauri nursery, which can be seen within the first 5km of the 11.5km and 21.2km courses. If your timing is good, you might even catch a glimpse of the Wild Horses of Te Aupouri Forest.

Course Maps / Elevation Profile


Due to the permit required to run or walk in this forest, we cannot show you the course maps.

What we can show you is the elevation profile for each course. 


Start Line

  • 16 mins (16.7km) north of Kaitaia.

  • Head north on North Rd and continue onto State Hwy 1. 

  • Turn left onto West Coast Rd for 4.1km

  • The event location will be on your right (see picture below)

  • Google map link here









Start Time

  • Half Marathon - 8:00am

  • 4km & 11km - 9:00am


  • Parking is available at the event, in the paddock on the right-hand side, approx 100m after the start/finish area.

  • Parking signs and marshals will be there to direct you.

  • Parking diagram - see here

Gear Drop

There will be an option available for participants to store gear at the start/finish area while out on course. Gear can be left at the registration tent which is located at the start/finish area. All gear must be clearly labelled with your event number. You will need to present your event number to collect your gear. While all reasonable care is taken of gear, Sport Northland is not responsible for any lost or damaged items. Please do not leave valuables.

Aid Stations 

  • Drink stations with water & R-Line electrolyte will be positioned at approximately 6.5km and just after the 9km for the 11.5km distance and 19km for the 21.1km distance.

  • There will be an additional Drink station for the half marathon at the 13km section of the course.

  • There will be no drink stations for the 4km distance; however, water, R-Line, and bananas will be available at the finish line.

  •  Toilets are situated at the start area, on the course at the 6.5km and just after the 9km mark, and at the finish.

  •  All participants will receive RLine, water, a banana, and a finishers medal upon finishing the event.

Timing and results 

  • The event is timed using Webscorer. Results will be made live post-event. 


Photos taken at the event will be available to view on our Facebook page

PAK'nSAVE Run/Walk Series Classic Leader Board


To be eligible to earn points towards the PAK'nSAVE Run/Walk Series Classic Leader Board you must enter and start with the 'Run' category for the specified distance.

  • Parihaka – 12km

  • Beach to Basin - 10km

  • Bay of Islands Run/Walk Festival – 8.7km

  • Kaitaia Run/Walk – 11km

  • Whangarei Run/Walk Festival – 8.5km

  • 3 Lakes Trail Run – 14km

  • Kerikeri Half Marathon - 5km

The first five men and women over the finish line (from the run section of the specified distance) will be awarded points based on their finishing place as follows: 

  1. 1st = 8 Points

  2. 2nd = 5 Points

  3. 3rd = 3 Points

  4. 4th = 2 Points

  5. 5th = 1 Points

Learn more

Award Ceremony

  • Award Ceremony will be held at 10.30 am at the start/finish area

  • We will have spot prizes. If your bib number is showing on the prize board at the finish, make your way to the information tent and collect your prize.

  • As this event focuses on the fun aspect so many of you enjoy no times will be recorded and only the first three male and female finishers from each distance will be acknowledged at the award ceremony.

Bib Number & Merchandise collection

Due to the issues we are experiencing with delays in postage we will not be offering that service. 

Pickup location – Sport Northland – 97 Western Hills Drive, Kensington, Whangarei.

  • Pickup - 4 August 2022 – 8.00am – 5.30pm

Pick up location - Te Ahu Centre (Atrium), Kaitaia.

  • Pickup - Saturday 6 August 2022 – 11am – 1pm 

If you missed the collection, you can collect your bib number & merchandise from the start line on race day. Allow plenty of time so you don't miss the start!

Event Safety Information

  • Marshals will be wearing high-visibility vests and are there for your safety. Always follow their instructions and those of the event organisers.

  • Sections of the course may include steep hills which will be slippery when wet.

  • Take extreme care negotiating the course as there may be potholes, tree roots, stairs, and uneven surfaces.

  • There will be a lead and tail marshal following the first and last participant in each distance. If assistance is required, please stop, and wait for the tail marshal or notify the nearest marshal.

  • The courses are off-road. Surfaces include but are not limited to, clay, loose metal, sand, road, grass paddocks and are narrow in places with exposed tree roots under foot – take extreme care.

  • No animals are permitted to accompany participants during the event unless it is a guide dog.

  • Children under the age of 15 must be accompanied by an adult.




We understand that our events are awesome, and you'd like to share your experience with all of your whanau, even the young ones. For this event, due to the longer courses being boggy, uneven, and covered with rocks, with a few tree roots jumping out at you now and then, we will only permit strollers to enter the 4km distance. If you wish to use a stroller in this event, we will not charge your child to tag along; however, if your child is not a registered participant, they will not receive a race number, result, or a finisher medal. 

  • To maintain the safety of all participants attending our event, we have a few guidelines. Those that wish to run/stroll with a buggy will need to comply with the safety guidelines below, failure to adhere to these rules compromises the safety of other participants.

  • Only 3-wheel strollers/buggies designed for jogging/running can be used in this event.

  • All strollers must start at the back of the other participants.

  • Stroller operators must give way to runners and avoid weaving through packs of runners. Giving way includes, but is not limited to, allowing a clear path for runners by not cutting in front of them, especially while going around the inside of corners.

  • Stroller operators must keep to the left, except when passing.  Passing must be done safely and vocally communicated to other runners (i.e., "passing on your Right").

  • Stroller operators must keep strollers at a safe distance from other runners.

  • Stroller operators must maintain control of the stroller; we do not encourage running or walking behind your strollers hands-free.

  • Please have your child securely strapped while navigating the course, as the terrain can sometimes become very uneven.



In the unlikely event of cancellation notice will be given on Northland’s More FM 91.6 and on our Facebook Page. Where possible attempts will be made to email participants, who have supplied an email address with their entry. While we will endeavour to make a decision to cancel an event as early as possible due to the nature of such events situations can occur quickly and without warning close to the start of an event.

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Kaitaia Trail Run -11.5km-2.png
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